Wills & Estate Planning

What is “Estate Planning” and do you need it?

From a legal prospective, Estate Planning means ensuring you have a valid Will, Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardian in place.

Surprisingly even now, the statistics say that more than 40% of Australians have not made a Will. By not leaving a Will you forfeit any say in who receives the assets of your estate and instead, the laws of intestacy set out who gets what.

The loss of mental capacity through illness or injury is becoming more and more prevalent in our community.

Legally, you need to have appointed an Attorney and a Guardian, before you lose capacity, in order for that person/s to be able to ensure your finances and health & welfare are looked after.

We offer affordable packages for single people or couples, combining the preparation of all three documents if required.

Get these done now, not just for your own benefit but also for the security of your family and loved ones.


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